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Thomas is a Deacon, serving St Michael and All Angels, Lancing.

Ordination? What a terrific and terrifying idea. In England? Don’t be silly; how strange that would be for someone who is half Danish and half Dutch. Marriage? Highly unlikely; after all, my DDO asked me in my first interview whether the monastic life might not be very suitable for me with my enthusiasm for the single, celibate life. Children? Well, obviously not after the above.

Yet all of the above have become and are about to be true when ordained in Chichester to serve my title in Lancing with the lovely people at St Michael and All Angels and under the excellent guidance of Fr Felix Smith. This was not what I expected when I gave up my Primary School teacher job five years ago to work for a year at Pusey House in Oxford. Yet that, by the grace of God, is what has happened far beyond my expectation.

Ordination? If you're sure Lord, then yes.


Jamie is the assistant curate of St George in the Meadows, Nottingham, following his ordination to the diaconate.

My name is Jamie and I trained for ordination at Ripon College Cuddesdon.

Prior to training for ordination I spent a number of years working with students in a non-Anglican framework before embarking on an intellectual and spiritual journey which led me both to become an Anglican and, a bit later, to embrace more fully the catholic aspects of Anglican ecclesiology. At various points also I have worked as a verger in Winchester Cathedral and spent some years as a private music teacher. I am currently in the midst of my Theology DPhil, which I have been working on for a few years and am carrying into my curacy. I hope to finish within about a year from now.

I am married to Lorna, and I have two small children, Rafe (2) and Rupert (1). We have never lived north of Oxford before so Nottingham is a new environment for us! Apart from that, I enjoy reading literature and history quite generally, and I am a big football fan, following Tottenham Hotspur.

I am very excited about ordination and the curacy. I hope to be able to learn about being a priest in the catholic tradition and much of what that means as well as being able to serve my parish well. I hope also for a smooth transition for my family to our new home.


Fr Tomas was ordained priest on 29 June.

I am Fr Tomas Krejci, a self-supporting curate from the parish of S Giles-in-Reading. My background is a testimony to the great mosaic of people who are called to sacramental ministry: I spent the first twenty-five years of my adult life working as a solicitor for a large City law firm, my work bringing me around the globe. However, the effect of the intercessions of Our Lady for the people I loved was the decisive momentum which brought me back to university to read theology, first academically, and then joining a seminary. I would never be writing these lines if it wasn’t for two venerable Oxford institutions which radically reshaped my life: Pusey House and St Stephen’s House. Thanks to them, catholic vocations are encouraged and nourished, and one is formed by the life of prayer and discipline of a close-knit community of like-minded catholic Christians. When you pray for me, please pray also for these two great houses which have contributed so much to the maintenance of the catholic faith in England.  


Michael is the Assistant Curate of Worksop Priory and was ordained to the priesthood on 30 June.

I come from a Christian family; my Grandfather was an Anglican Priest, and my Mother's family have strong Methodist roots. I grew up in rural Norfolk, where, despite close proximity to Walsingham, the Faith was conveyed to me rather gently through the BCP, ASB, Hymns A&M and 'Cross & 2 Candles' religion. Then, whilst in the Sixth Form, amid interest in Politics and study of the Italian Renaissance and TS Eliot, I was confirmed; and I found the richness of the Anglo-Catholic tradition, especially a devotion to the Holy Eucharist, which I nurtured whilst reading German at Leeds and Tübingen, where I was able to place it in its true context of the world-wide Church.

I entered the travel industry, initially leading coach tours on the continent and in the UK, and then also working many seasons in Switzerland [where I was able to enjoy good food and conversation, hill-walking, travel by rail and historic paddle-steamers] as well as in Egypt and Dubai.

I trained for Ordination at St. Stephen's House Oxford and was made Deacon last year to serve at Worksop Priory, whose committed, Catholic-minded, people know how to "pray hard and play hard". Many non-Church people in the town also still feel a residual connection, however, slight, with the Priory where many of them were baptised or married. It is a pleasure and a priviledge to train here.

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