Alan is the curate of St Mary’s Tottenham, following his ordination to the Diaconate

I was born to a farming family in Lancashire – which has left its mark if not obviously in my vocation then certainly in a love of nature and growing things and the outdoors. I sensed very early that the Lord had work for me to do and it’s taken a while to discern exactly what that work was – but I feel hugely privileged now to be approaching (not without trepidation) this new life.

I read Classics as an undergraduate, when I worshipped at Pusey House and was encouraged in the faith by its wonderful chapter, but unwisely spent more time reading Ruskin and lengthy modernist novels than attending to the intricacies of Latin grammar. Since then I’ve had an itinerant twenties, for two years as pastoral assistant at St Mary’s, Somers Town in the Parish of Old St Pancras, before coming back to Oxford and St Stephen’s House three years ago. Here formation is taken seriously and I’ve benefited from the necessary application of heat required to forge together the intellect, soul and prayer life. It’s also been great fun and I come away with what I hope will be lifelong friends. I’m very much looking forward to Tottenham and appreciate your prayers for Fr Morris, the faithful of St Mary’s and for my future amongst them.