There are two distinct forms of Ordained Ministry in the Church of England.

(a)  Stipendiary – this is where the priest is paid a stipend enough to feed, house and clothed sufficient is provided to ensure that no priest is ever destitute but a stipend is not the same as a salary and certainly anybody considering ordination should not do so on the basis of the amount paid.

(b)  Self Supporting (Non Stipendiary) – As the name suggests this form of ministry is undertaken usually on a part time basis where the priest undertakes to support themselves financially and gives of their time voluntary to the Church.  Sometimes housing is provided and always the expenses of office are reimbursed.

4.    Can you get married? – The Church of England Ministry is open to those who are single and married but not at present to those in same sex marriages.  There is a process for those who are divorced and those in Civil Partnerships.  But these issues are best dealt with on a personal basis as there are many variants and complications.