Gary was made Deacon on 29 June and is a Self-Supporting Minister, serving the parishes of Hempton and Walsingham.

My name is Gary Gould, I am a 61yr old ordinand with the Eastern Region Ministry Course, and have been studying part time with a terrific group of fellow students some of which will be ordained with me at Norwich Cathedral. My wife Julie and I have just celebrated our 38th Wedding Anniversary being married on 6th June as we both enjoy World War history. We have four children, Sally, Rory, Kirsty and Emily and are proud grandparents of Bethany and Jacob.

I have been employed by the East of England Ambulance NHS Trust for the past 20 years, originally as an Ambulance technician, now in commercial services. As I will be a self-supporting minister, I hope to continue in the NHS and would like eventually to become an Ambulance chaplain.