Ian Edgar was ordained priest on 15th June 2019 and serves the parish of St Andrew, West Tarring, in the Diocese of Chichester.

My journey to priestly ordination has taken me from Canada to England and from a liberal to a traditional catholic understanding of Holy Orders. It has been quite an adventure, and in many ways a homecoming. Being born in Canada to British parents my earliest Christian formation was given me by my mother, who had a deeply Anglican but still very catholic faith. My fondest childhood memories are of visiting my family in the UK. I sang for a while in the choir of St Paul’s Cathedral- (In London, Ontario!) which instilled in me a love of the Scriptures and the Liturgy. I spent many years away from the Church, during which time I met and married my lovely wife, and had two sons.

I returned to the Anglican Church of Canada after reading Jean Vanier, the late founder of the L’Arche movement and a deeply Catholic thinker and writer. Also inspired by his writings I worked for a time supporting people with disabilities which was a wonderful vocation and education.

I began training for ordained ministry in the Anglican Church of Canada, but for various reasons, including my increased concern for the traditional catholic faith, I began exploring moving to the Church of England. I moved to England in April 2018 with my family joining me just before my diaconal ordination. We have loved living in Worthing and have been warmly welcomed by the parishes I am serving. I look forward to continuing to serve the Church as a priest in the exciting times ahead.