Jay Hewitt is a Deacon, serving his curacy in the parish of St Mary the Virgin, Barnsley.

I was sponsored for training by Norwich Cathedral, where I have worshipped since the age of 17.

I came to Christian faith in a conservative evangelical tradition in the United States of America, where I lived for a time during my childhood. At the age of 13 I was introduced to the Catholic tradition of the Church of England and worshipped in our local parish church, dedicated to The Assumption of the Virgin Mary in the town of Attleborough, Norfolk. I was subsequently received and Confirmed into the Church of England on 17th November 2001, by the Bishop of Norwich, Graham James, in Norwich Cathedral.

Prior to beginning my training at St Stephen’s House, I was a business manager for Tom Ford. Though based in Norwich I worked nationally across the UK and Ireland.

I am part of a large family Including four brothers and two sisters.

I am a keen historian and have a particular fascination with mediaeval English history, 17th& 18thcentury French history, 19th-century maritime history and Egyptology.