Joshua was ordained to the priesthood on 30th June 2019

I’m Father Joshua. I’m 27 and I’m the assistant curate of All Saints, King’s Lynn in the diocese of Norwich.

The eleven months since my ordination to the diaconate have been a whirlwind. Besides the excitement of moving to a new place, bedding into a new community and getting to know my parishioners, I have had the joy of serving the altar at our parish’s mass each day, as well as preparing people for baptism and confirmation, working with local uniform service groups, and working in the two church schools in our parish.

The countdown towards my ordination to the priesthood has advanced from months to weeks, and with it preparations have begun. I have been practicing the celebration of the mass in readiness, and with each rehearsal the reality of what God is calling me to has become more real. Of course, the important thing for me to remember has been that my ordination at the end of this month will not be the end of my journey, but merely the beginning of a new chapter – one that will continue to the end of my days.