Ross will be made Deacon in Lichfield Cathedral on 26th September.

My journey of faith began when, being an obedient child, I followed my mother to church at the age of six after a bereavement in the family. We attended the local charismatic evangelical church in Boston, Lincolnshire, where I would eventually exercise leadership roles at various holiday clubs and youth services. It was there that a sense of vocation began. It was during my time at university where I had the opportunity to ‘explore the different flavours of the Church of England’ under the advice of my DDO. A love of the sacramental nature of the church blossomed, and the call to ordination was still pressing on my heart, so this was explored as I became a Pastoral Assistant in Tottenham. Having spent four years serving in the parish, with the last two years working across several primary schools with a focus on teaching children with Down’s Syndrome, I was recommended for training at St Stephen’s House, Oxford.

There is a great sense of excitement as I begin my curacy, where I will serve in the parishes of Holy Trinity, Ettingshall, and the benefice of St Martin and St Stephen, Wolverhampton, understanding more the call God has for me