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Those in Training

Having graduated from Cambridge, Guy had taken the usual route to the corporate world and had been working as an IT Strategy Consultant in a large firm for a few years when he finally took seriously the need to respond positively to the call of God.

His bishop has sent him to train full-time at St Stephen's House for three years, so God willing, he will begin his curacy when he is twenty-nine.


Chris is a fourth year ordinand training for the Sacred Priesthood at St Stephen’s House. After growing up in Bishopthorpe, near York, Chris went up to Oxford to read Theology at St Benet’s Hall.

On completing his degree, he moved over the river to St Stephen’s House to begin training for ordination, where he has completed a taught master’s degree and is now working on research into Anglo-Saxon church history. Chris felt his calling from God at the age of fourteen and is finally coming to the end of his training! He hopes to be ordained this June, and will serve his title in the parishes of St Peter and St Paul, Pickering, with St John the Baptist, Levisham, and St Giles, Lockton, in the Diocese of York.


Alex is a full-time ordinand at St Stephen’s House, Oxford, currently in the first year (of three) of his formation. 

Before this he taught at a Church of England primary school in Somers Town, Camden, and prior to that was exploring his calling as a Pastoral Assistant, also in Camden.  Although it has taken a number of years to accept and find the courage to respond to the challenge of God’s call to the Priesthood, Alex is certain that he is doing the right thing, and his is really enjoying and benefitting from his experience at the House.


Mischa is a full-time ordinand at St Stephen’s House, Oxford. He is in his final year and is now hoping to find a title post in the Chichester diocese.

Mischa found the whole process of discernment, selection and training an amazing time; often challenging and surprising, it has been a constant source of discovery and delight to him. It has certainly changed him as a person, and, he says, for the better! For along with making new friends and acquiring new skills, he has been led to a deeper relationship with Jesus and love for His Church. He now looks forward to serving God’s people wherever he finds himself in the future.


Nick is 40 years old, married to Sally with a six year old son, Adam, and worships at St Martin of Tours, Barton, Torquay; a traditional Anglo-Catholic Parish in Torquay within the Diocese of Exeter.

Through a lot of discussion, prayer and discernment (and a few nudges from local clergy) Nick explored his vocation, was selected, and is now in his third year of training and formation for the Sacred Priesthood on the South West Ministry Training Course, a non-residentiary course which he attends alongside working full-time as a senior manager in the NHS. He is delighted to have been asked to serve his title in the United Benefice of Dartmouth and Dittisham with Fr Will Hazlewood SSC and he hopes (God-willing) to be ordained to the Diaconate in Exeter Cathedral this year


The notion that God may have been calling Tom to serve Him in the Priesthood in the Church of England first struck him at university.

After a couple of years, he embarked on the discernment process in his home diocese of Coventry and, with the help of ACS, then spent a year on a parish placement in Camden, North London. This was a remarkable help in preparing him for the BAP and a truly wonderful experience. Tom is now in his first year of full-time training at St Stephen's House, Oxford.


Ben grew up in Yorkshire where he helped his father a Churchwarden in a country Church. He studied History and Byzantine studies at Oxford, where he began to explore the discernment of a priestly vocation whilst a Chapel sacristan.

To continue discerning and to test this practically Ben worked as Pastoral Assistant in two Brighton Parishes (St Michael's and St Paul's). Chichester Diocese supported Ben's move to Jerusalem, where he continued in the discernment process.  Ben worked in Jerusalem as assistant to the Course Director of St George's College, a centre for pilgrimage and study. Ben is now in his second year of formation at St Stephen's House, Oxford.


Sean has recently graduated from Kent University where he read Religious Studies. He is an ordinand of the Diocese of Chichester and has been sent to St Stephens House, where he is a first year in his second term of training.

Sean was called by God during his gap year before university, when he worked at an evangelical Christian youth centre in Madagascar. God placed him in the furthest place of his comfort zone to help him discern his calling, a significant step for Sean, who says he had a comfortable upbringing. Sean now serves God with great joy, trying to share in His love and praying that His Church may grow.


Prior to coming to St Stephen's House as an ordinand from the Diocese of Liverpool, Daniel was a Pastoral Assistant and Assistant Chaplain at Liverpool Hope University where he read Theology.

He has been discerning a vocation to the priesthood since he was in his early teens. He believes his call came through confirmation, receiving the sacrament, and the death of Pope John Paul II.  He is now enjoying his time at St Stephen’s House being formed for priestly ministry!


Chris first felt called to the priesthood over thirty years ago, although says he was too scared to do anything about it at the time, deciding instead to go to art school where he studied photography.

Most of his professional career was then spent in marketing and communications – working for a range of different companies, from very small to large international corporations. It was somewhat of a surprise to him when the sense of calling, which he had experienced in his teens, returned in his late forties. This time, Chris took more notice and started the formal process to explore his calling. In September 2012, together with his wife Carolyn and eight year old son Sam, Chris moved to St Stephen’s House, Oxford, to undertake a two year Diploma in Theology and Pastoral Studies. God willing, this will lead to ordination and, he hopes, full-time stipendiary ministry.


Lee is a 30 year old ordinand from the Two Cities Area of the Diocese of London. He and his wife, Eileen, moved to Oxford this September to begin training at St Stephen’s House. Lee is on the three-year BTh course. Prior to training, Lee worked as a Civil Servant in the Ministry of Justice for over ten years, mainly in the Crown Courts.

It was during his early twenties when he first felt called by God to the Priesthood, although for a long time he fought against God's call. Eventually with the encouragement from clergy, friends and work colleagues, he offered himself to the process in May 2011.

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