The Additional Curates Society was founded in 1837 by a Christian layman, Joshua Watson.

It’s purpose is to ensure that the Christian Faith is proclaimed in poor and populous parishes. It does this by funding assistant priests, and encouraging vocations to the priesthood.

ACS believes that the sacrament of Holy Order, Priesthood, is a precious gift from God and a means of grace for His people.

ACS also holds precious the people of God, especially in poor and populous parishes.ACS prays and works to ensure that parishes will have priests. It gives grants to parishes for priests. It fosters and encourages vocations to the priesthood.

Although the purpose of ACS is to provide parishes with priestly ministry, it is not to be thought of as a ‘society of priests’. ACS is really a society of lay people who value and cherish the ministry of priests in bringing the good news of Jesus to people in hard pressed parishes. ACS was founded by a layman and ACS continues to exist today because of the enthusiasm, faithful prayers and hard work of lay people throughout the land.

ACS is not primarily a fund-raising organisation. The main work of ACS is to hold before people the vision of Christ bringing salvation to people in desperate need. At the same time ACS shows that Christ gave his Church the gift of Priesthood as a vital instrument in proclaiming his gospel. It encourages prayer for the mission of the Church, concern for people in need, and support for those called to the Sacred Priesthood.

ACS provides literature to encourage prayer, broaden vision, and awaken vocation. It is happy to receive funds to achieve all this. It understands the need for money in a material world. A motto of the ACS is that if God can raise the dead, he can raise a penny or two for the living! The story of ACS is living proof that he does.